Velovision Rearview Documentation


Velovision Rearview is a developer-friendly, open-source wireless camera for cyclists.

Velovision Rearview is pre-configured to be used with Velovision Rearview App for iOS. Please see the iOS User Guide if you need help.

Velovision Rearview is designed not only for cyclists but also developers, makers, students, and researchers. This documentation will provide you with the information you need to get started with developing your own applications and integrations with the open source Velovision Rearview.

Learn Everything about Velovision Rearview

Each section is a hands-on, self-contained tutorial that will teach you everything you need to know about Velovision Rearview.

Prerequisite: Buy your Velovision Rearview (opens in a new tab) from the Velovision Store.

1. Getting Started (5 minutes)

Begin your journey here.

2. Video Streaming (10 minutes)

Stream live video from Velovision Rearview to your own application.

Optional deep dive into the technical details and decisions behind the video streaming capabilities.

3. Video Recording (10 minutes)

How to download and save video clips from Velovision Rearview.

That concludes the core tutorials.

Further Resources

  • Architecture: a high-level overview of the Velovision Rearview system architecture.
  • API Reference: a comprehensive guide to the Velovision Rearview API.
  • Specifications: detailed specifications of Velovision Rearview.
  • Core Development: how to contribute to the Velovision Rearview open source project.


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Velovision and Velovision Rearview are created by Jason Sohn (a.k.a. tensorturtle) (opens in a new tab).